How to Choose a Good Merlot Wine

Merlot wines are made from a very popular grape variety, that is quite versatile. It is very easy and pleasing to drink if made well. You can select a good brand of Merlot by exploring your own taste and knowing about what kind of Merlot you like, as your personal liking will play a large role when it comes to choosing a Merlot. You can also explore the variety of selections available. When looking for a good Merlot wine, it is wise to search for brands that do not add unnecessary ingredients to the wine. All in all, there are a number of ways to go about the process of choosing a good Merlot wine.


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    Discover the selections available in the market

    You need to drink Merlot wine from various parts of the world, to gain a clearer idea. This will allow you to develop your own personal taste, and assist you in determining whether you like New World or Old World Merlot. If you like simple and fruity wine, then you will love the Merlot from California’s Napa Valley. Try a Margaux from Bordeaux, which is a Merlot based wine from the city of Bordeaux. This wine is complicated and earthier as well. If you like the Napa Merlot, your preference tilts towards the New World Merlot. However, if you prefer the Margaux from Bordeaux then you are more fond of the Old World Merlot.

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    Purchase wine from your favourite place

    Get a bottle of wine from the area that makes the Merlots you usually prefer. If you like New World style Merlot, choose a wine from the United States (particularly from the states of Oregon, California, New York or Washington), South American countries such as Argentina and Chile, or South Africa. However, if you enjoy Old World style Merlot, purchase a Merlot from European countries like Italy, Spain or France. The taste of Old World Merlot is very rich, and wine lovers who enjoy their wine with food prefer these.

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    Go to wine tastings

    If you love wines and are looking to buy a good Merlot, then it is vital for you to visit free wine tastings. Most neighbourhood wine places organise wine tastings during their seasonal time periods. Remember to drink a number of wines and note down or remember the ones you loved. Also write down their place of origin, as well as the winery where they are made. Buy wines with the lowest amount of additives possible; see the labels and check for phrases like no sulfites added. Try to taste organic and biodynamic wine, made from organically grown grapes, before it is bottled.

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