How to Choose a Pool Cue Length

There are a large number of pool players who know the importance of the length of a pool cue because they think it plays a vital role in improving the performance. A desired length of pool cue makes the player quite comfortable and he or she delivers top quality performance. However, there are a considerable number of pool players who do not know the importance of the length of a pool cue and they also do not know how to choose a pool cue length. Keep reading this post to learn the art of choosing a desired pool cue length.


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    First of all, you need to understand that a correct or appropriate sized pool cue plays a vital role in enhancing the performance while playing pool. You should be very careful in choosing the pool cue and make sure its length is perfect for you.

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    Different players use different sizes of pool cue depending upon their height and also according to their comfort level. Short heighted players usually choose average length of pool cue while tall players always go for longer sticks that make them more comfortable on pool table.

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    You should visit a billiard shop for purchasing a desired pool cue. You will see a huge variety of sticks including light, heavy, shorter and long sticks. All you need to do is to select the best stick with correct length that is perfectly suitable for you.

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    Usually billiard shops allow visitors to test the pool cue on a pool table and you should try different sticks by playing 3 to 4 shots with each stick which will help you to select the best one for you.

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    You should also try sticks with different lengths which will enable you to choose the most appropriate or correct pool cue that makes you perfectly comfortable.

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    However, the standard size of a pool cue is 57 to 59 inches and you should try it first. However, if you do not feel comfortable with it then test sticks with different lengths.

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    If you are more than six feet tall, then you should try a stick that is 60-inch long because it will suit to your arm’s length and will make you more comfortable while playing pool.

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    A 54 to 56-inch long pool cue is perfect for people who are below 5/8” tall as it is fit for their arm’s length and they will feel more comfortable with it.

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