How to Choose a Pre Workout Meals for Men

It is important to eat right and in proper amounts to maintain fitness. What you eat before a workout can affect your workout performance. The top foods for a pre workout meal consist of carbohydrates, a small amount of fat and some protein. Eat normal portions of meals as they digest easily, and they will not weigh you down. Make sure you consume a lot of fluids before the workout. Drink plenty of water as it is the most effective fluid. The time of day you do physical exercise and the kind of activity you plan to perform can also tell you what to eat.


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    High Carbohydrate

    If you are just going for a light walk, you do not really need extra energy. However, if you want to do intense exercises such as a 60-minute cycling class, go for a long run or play a football match, you need high carbohydrates to give you extra fuel for your activity. It is recommended to consume 40 to 100g of carbohydrates before aerobic workout. A banana with yogurt, an 8-oz. serving of juice with a handful of pretzels, a serving of fig bar cookies with a glass of milk or a bagel with jam are some snacks that contain around 50 to 80g of carbs. If you exercise early in the morning, a sports drink or an energy bar is an ideal choice as it tolerates and digests easily. Do not consume carbohydrates with high amounts of fiber like bran cereal or beans. This is because they can have a bad effect on your digestive tract and interrupt your training.

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    High protein

    A snack higher in protein is good for people who want to build lean muscle mass through strength training. Eating snack with adequate amino acids can aid in muscle repair and synthesis process during your activity. 10 to 20g of protein is advisable before weight training. Two scrambled eggs, with 12g of protein, 2 oz. of chicken breast with 12g of protein or a scoop of whey protein powder mixed in water for 16 to 20g of protein is perfect before training.

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    Combination Meals

    Snacks that combine protein and carbohydrates work before a workout that involves both cardio exercise and strength training. For example, a short run followed by a boot camp class or weight training session. Eat 1 table spoon of peanut butter on toast or low sugar cereal with milk.

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