How to Choose a Projector

A very important aspect in choosing a projector is being aware of the different specifications that make up a quality unit. The most common specs that can be used to analyse projectors are lamp source, contrast ratio and resolution. A few other include features such as intelligent resizing technology, video line doublers, peripheral components and multiple inputs. These will differentiate the best projectors from the average ones. As a result of this, think about all these factors along with the budget available to you to buy the projector that is right for you. Follow some easy methods to help you choose the best projector.


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    What type of projector you want?

    Find out what kind of projector you wish to purchase depending on the space available to you. If your room is not that big, then you cannot put a projector that works best if put far away from the screen. Moreover, a bright space will want a projector that has a better lumen rating which is a measurement for brightness. In this case, you will require a lumen rating of at least 1500. However, in dim rooms a rating between 600 to 1000 is ideal depending on the size of the projector. You can find the distance and lumen rating for a perfect projector for your room by using an online calculator.

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    Check the projector’s resolution specs as well. This will let you know the quality of the image that will projected. In the case of computers, the first number on the product will tell you the pixel width of the screen. The following number will list how high it is. For instance, an LCD projector with a resolution of 1280 X 720 suggests the panel is 720 pixels wide and 1280 pixels high. On the other hand, in case of a video projector, the numbers show the lines per inch you can view on a test pattern.

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    Decide the place

    See where you are going to put the projector. If you need a portable one, then buy a light weight projector. Furthermore, check for a heavier one if you want to mount it to a station or a durable ceiling. It is also important to check the contrast ratio in order to determine the richness of the display.

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