How to Choose a Razor Scooter

Razor scooter is a two wheel scooter which is used to roam around and works very much like a skating board. It has a handle, two tires and flat metal surface over which the person stands while riding the scooter.

It is very popular with the young lot, especially in localities with lots of open space for the kids to ride around. If your workplace is not far from your home, you may use razor scooter as a conveyance for travelling back and forth from work. Moreover riding a razor scooter is a healthy activity and it helps develop your calf muscles.


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    Why do you want to buy a razor scooter in the first place?

    If you want it for kids you should definitely go for smaller, lighter, and less expensive bikes. However, if you want to commute daily on your razor scooter, you should purchase more durable versions.

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    Define your budget. Razor scooters vary from less than 100 bucks to about 5 grand figures. Decide the purpose of the scooter, and then allocate money for it according to its need.

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    These days’ razor scooters do not offer the same pleasure and fun than their board on roller skaters. They are lighter than they used to be a few years ago but their durability is not that high.

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    Figure out the size of the scooter you need. Razor scooters come in a wide range of sizes; baby size, kids size, small size, adult size. As different amount of metal are used in making of numerous razor scooters, the price tag also increases as you move from small to adult sizes.

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    Most of the new scooters are foldable and some of them can be folded in less than 2 feet space. The weight of the scooter is a factor as well, the lighter the scooter, the convenient and expensive it is.

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    Remember that the handle height should be comfortable enough for you to reach easily or else it will put pressure on your back and this will lead to lower back pain. Buy helmet and proper shoes before taking your razor scooter out for a ride. An important thing before making the purchase is to find out the maximum amount of load the scooter can bear.

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