How To Choose a Sapphire Stone

It is believed that when Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana, he didn’t give her a big flashy diamond ring. Instead, the prince gave her a pretty little sapphire ring, which symbolises faithfulness. It quite didn’t work out in that case but even today; the sapphire remains an important gemstone in the world. This particular piece of stone is usually blue in colour ranging from deep and dark blue to light violet.

Sapphire is considered to be a birthstone of those who are born in the month of September. These stone are not only popular because of their beauty but also for their long life. These stones are very durable and only diamonds are harder then sapphires. If you are planning to purchase a Sapphire stone, you must be an expert in this area if you don’t want to be fooled by the seller. Before paying for a sapphire stone, you must do following things before making a final call.


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    Natural or lab-created sapphire

    First thing you should do while purchasing a sapphire stone is to decide whether you want a natural sapphire or a lab-created sapphire. In case of a natural sapphire, do not forget to ask if the stone has been heat-treated. Natural stones are often altered to change the appearance of the sapphire.

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    Look at different blue stones

    Sapphires are usually blue in colour so to avoid purchasing a faulty stone, make sure that the sapphire you are going to purchase has no inclusions that are visible to a naked eye.  It would be a good idea to use a magnifying glass and check for the inclusions and make sure that you are not buying a stone which isn’t a natural one.

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    Choose the best tone

    Tone means how dark the stone is. The most expensive and valuable sapphires have medium to medium-dark tone. You should keep this in mind while buying a sapphire that it must not be so dark that you can't tell it is blue, and it should not be so pale that you think of it as some other stone.

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    Study the intensity of colour

    Thoroughly study the saturation or intensity of the colour of the sapphire you are planning to purchase. A poor quality sapphire will be more greyish while the saturation of a good sapphire is usually very strong.

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    Study the clarity of the sapphire

    Unlike diamonds, sapphires are not as clear and can have many inclusions. So carefully study the clarity of the sapphire you are planning to buy.

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