How to Clean a Duck to Eat

Having duck in lunch or dinner is something exciting especially when you have hunted a wild duck. People eat duck by cooking it in different ways according to their taste. However, an important and concerning thing for countless people all over the world is cleaning a duck before eating it. People cannot eat duck without cleaning it as it is necessary to remove all waste from a duck’s meat and then use it for grilling or for other type of cooking. If you want to know how to clean a duck to eat before eating it then keep reading.


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    First of all, need to use gloves on your hands before holding a duck because it will help you in avoiding any type of germs while cleaning the duck.

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    After that, you should peel off duck’s breast feathers and you will observe that duck’s breast is just like the same as chicken and you will feel comfortable in cleaning and cutting pieces of it.

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    Then remove all other feathers from the whole body of duck and also remove the skin from the meat of duck if you want to clean it thoroughly.

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    However, many people do not remove the skin especially those who want to roast the duck. But there are a large number of people who do not like skin and they remove it.

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    After removing the feathers and skin of the duck, you should take a sharp knife and insert it into the belly of duck and then move it upwards in order to make a big cut in the belly.

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    You can use the knife or your hands to pull out the intestines and other wastes of the duck for cleaning it properly. These wastes are not used and are thrown away before cleaning the meat.

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    Moving the knife upwards, you should make sure that it is moving in the middle and you should cut it into two pieces. If you want to make a  barbecue then you can cut it in small pieces.

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    Now put the meat into water or in a washer for removing all sort of wastes or skin that is still left on the meat. You need to use your hands to remove the skin if you observe that water is not enough to remove the skin.

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