How to Clean Copper Pennies

Imagine buying something from a shop and getting dirty, ragged coins in return for your sparkling note! The horror of keeping them in your wallet/purse adds up to the irony. But there’s no reason to worry because there’s a way to clean those copper pennies and make them as good as new. Only if making money was as easy, you could have thrown away the dirty ones in the first place! The best part of using the method of cleaning copper pennies listed in this article is that it can be used by children for their Science projects too. Make sure they have the following listed things before they actually start on the project. In the end, they’ll shine as bright in their grades for the project, as the pennies will shine because of this trick!

Things Required:
– Handful of stained or dirty pennies
– A clean non-metallic bowl
– ¼ cup white vinegar
– 1 teaspoon table salt
– Paper tower or piece of cloth
– Spoon


  • 1

    Getting Started

    Into a bowl, pour some vinegar and add some salt into it. Keep on stirring continuously until you see that the salt has completely dissolved.

  • 2

    Putting Coins in the mixture

    Take a handful of copper pennies or coins and put them inside the bowl containing the salt and vinegar. Keep the pennies inside the bowl for about 5 minutes.

  • 3

    Bringing half coins out

    Now with the help of a spoon, carefully take half of the coins out of the bowl and place them over the piece of cloth.

  • 4

    Getting other coins out and rinsing

    After that get the other coins out of the bowl and try to rinse them thoroughly. Put them on a separate piece of cloth and not with the coins you brought out of the bowl earlier.

  • 5

    The rinsed one shine

    Leaving the two sets of coins for about an hour, you will see that rinsed coins are bright and new looking as compared to those which were not rinsed. This is because rinsing the coins washes away a compound called Malachite that forms a coating on dark coins.

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