How to Clean Plumbing Drains

You need to regularly clean plumbing drains in order to keep water flowing smoothly in the sink or bathtub. By this way, you will also save money on calling a plumber for clogs.

Things Required:

– Screwdriver
– Plumbing snake
– Paper towels
– Drain cleaner
– Safety goggles


  • 1

    Start from bathroom

    You can start from bathroom. First of all remove the cover of the bathroom drain. You can do this by unscrewing the cover with the help of screwdriver. Remember that this cover does not stop smaller items such as hair. It mainly prevents large debris from entering the drain.

  • 2

    Remove the netting catch basin

    Next you need to remove the netting catch basin which is placed inside the drain. This netting catches smaller items including hair and is present in many bathtubs. In case your bathtub does not have any netting catch basin then you can use a knife or a screwdriver to reach the inside of the drain. By this you can easily pull out the debris if present.

  • 3

    Apply plumbing snake

    Next you need to use the plumbing snake. Insert the head of the plumbing snake into the drain and then crank the handle to force it down about two to three feet. Then slowly pull it out. The snake will remove any hair or any other small particles present in the drain when it is pulled out. After this, you need to place the netting catch basin and the cover back to its original place.

  • 4

    Drain-cleaning solution

    Next you need to pour the drain-cleaning solution in the drain. Follow the instructions written on the drain-cleaning solution and leave it in the drain for the stated time. After leaving it for the allotted time, you need to flush it with hot water. Remember some solutions are harmful to the plastic pipes so check the instructions before applying.

  • 5

    Clean the sink drain

    Next you need to clean the sink drain. You need to remove the stopper and then repeat the above steps in order to clean the sink drain. You can remove the stopper by turning and pulling up.

  • 6

    Kitchen sink

    In order to clean the kitchen sink drain, crawl under the sink and remove the elbow joint. Remove the elbow joint and then empty the clogs into the trash bin. Then apply the plumbing snake in the pipe to further clear the clog.

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