How to Clean Silk Plants and Trees

It is relatively easier to look after artificial plants such as silk plants and trees, which only require periodic cleaning in order to look great. You can clean these plants with a feather duster once in a week. In case you haven’t cleaned them for too long, you will require some other equipments.

Things Required:

– Silk plant cleaner
– Blow-dryer or anti-static canned air
– Endust
– Feather duster
– Blush brush


  • 1

    Apply silk plant cleaner

    Gently apply silk plant cleaner on the silk trees and then leave it to dry. You do not need to wipe the plants or trees after this. Some people who do not like the fumes of the plant cleaner can clean the plants outside.

  • 2

    Use a blow-dryer or anti-static canned air

    Get your blow-dryer and turn its setting to coolest. Then use it on your silk plants and trees in order to ward off the dust bunnies. This is the best way to clean extremely dusty plants. Instead of blow-dryer, you can also apply anti-static canned air which is mostly used to clean electronics.

    You can easily find this anti-static canned air blower from electronics section of big retail stores.

  • 3

    Spray Endust

    Get a feather duster and spray it on the Endust. Then you need to apply the feathers with your hands for even coating. You should occasionally spray Endust in order to give your silk plants nice look and smell.

  • 4


    You need to give your silk plants and trees a shower. Dip the plant in a bathtub and let it drip dry. Instead of using bathtub, you can take the silk plant outside and use a garden hose to spray water on it. However, you need to test one leaf first in order to check the silk doesn’t stain.

  • 5

    Use blush brush

    Take a blush brush and apply it on every leaf. This will take a lot of time but your plant will look amazing.

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