How to Clean the Small Lenses on a Digital Camera

If you are feeling the photographs you take with your digital camera are a blurry, it is the lens that is creating the problem most probably. Over time, dust and dirt might have accumulated on the lens of your digital camera. Consider cleaning the lens of your camera and see if it works or not.

Keep in mind that lenses mostly very sensitive and you need to be extra careful while cleaning the lens on a digital camera. If you fail to follow the specific guidelines, you may end up permanently damaging the lens.


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    In modern day digital cameras, a cover blocks the lens when the camera is powered off. To open that cover and reveal the lens of the digital camera, simply power it on.

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    On a clean lint-free piece of cloth, apply four to five drops of lens cleaner. You can purchase lens cleaner liquid from your nearby store at a nominal price.

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    Place the lint-free cloth over your hand so that the wet section of the piece of cloth is directly above your index finger.

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    Now gently wipe clean the lens of your digital camera with the wet lint-free cloth. Do this in circular motion and do not put too much pressure on the lens. Just keep in mind that its dust and dirt, not grease stains that you are cleaning from the lens. Continue to wipe clean the lens for at least one minute.

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    Move your index finger under a dry part of the lint-free cloth. Repeat the previous step, this time with dry lint-free cloth. Just like the previous step, accomplish this step in circular pattern as well.

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    Wait until the lens is completely dry. This should not take long because a lens cleaning liquid dries pretty rapidly. When the lens is dry, turn off the camera so that the lens cover closes back.

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    You have successfully cleaned the lens of your digital camera. Now when take a photograph, the result will be a lot better than before.

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