How to Connect a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Wireless mouse and keyboard gives you the liberty to move about as you are not bound to the wires which are connected with most keyboards and mouse which come attached with different computers. Moreover, it will help you set up your workplace in a better way. It’s true that the battery pack tends to get a bit annoying, but you will not be bound by any wires at all. You can carry your mouse anywhere you like; and the only thing you have to keep in check is your range from the wireless device which sends out signals. If you are finding it difficult to set up your wireless mouse and keyboard, follow these few easy steps.

Things Required:

Installation CD
AA batteries


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    First of all you will have to install the drivers for your wireless keyboard and mouse. For that you will have to use its CD. They can be downloaded online as well, but for that you will have to search a lot on different search engines. It’s better to carry an installation CD with you. Simply insert the CD in your computer’s CD-ROM device and follow the easy steps in order to fully install the drivers for your wireless devices.

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    Now insert batteries in your mouse and keyboard. At times the battery bay is closed with the help of a few screws. For that you are going to need a screwdriver. Open up the screws and insert AA batteries inside the battery bay. Keep a close eye on the + and – signs.

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    Now you have to connect the wireless signal receiver to your computer. This receiver is basically how your computer will receive all signals from your keyboard and mouse without the help of any wires. Mostly the wireless signal receiver is connected to a USB port. Once you have inserted the USB inside the port, your computer is going to detect the drivers automatically.

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    Now you finally have to make your wireless keyboard and mouse work. Restart your computer after all installations have been done. Most probably your computer will ask for a restart itself.

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    Turn on your keyboard and mouse if they have power buttons. The keyboard will probably have sync, connect or pair buttons on it. It depends on the model. Whatever the case is, press the button and this is going to connect your wireless device to your computer. Press the connect button on the wireless signal receiver and now your wireless keyboard and mouse are connected.

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