How to Construct a Golden Rectangle

A golden rectangle is defined as the angle that has side lengths in ratio. Typically, a square must be constructed to build a golden rectangle. For those looking to draw a classic proportioned rectangle, you should consider drawing an angle first. Drawing a golden rectangle is an excellent way to find two unknown numbers that have a Golden Mean relationship with each other. Constructing a golden rectangle can be quite challenging. If you want to construct a golden rectangle then you will have to follow some simple instructions to learn this ancient Greek methodology.


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    Use a straightedge and a measuring device to draw a perfect square. You could choose a square of any size but make sure there is enough room at the top of your paper. It is important to keep some space at the top for the extension.

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    Now consider bisecting one side of the square using the compass method. This can be done by opening the compass to just over half of the length of the side of the square. Place the compass on one end of the baselines and draw arcs; one on below and one above the line. Put the point of the compass on the other end and repeat the process to make the two arcs intersect below and above the line. Now consider drawing a line through these intersecting points. Connecting line should pass through the square’s sides in the middle of the square.

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    Place the pencil one of the square’s corners on the opposite side and place the compass pointer on the halfway mark. Draw an arc large enough to make sure there is a point where the extension intersects the arc. As it joins the arc extend the bisected side of the square.

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    Repeat step 2 and step 3 for the other side of the baseline. When you are done with it, you should have extension lines of the same size on all four sides of the square. To construct a golden rectangle, consider joining the two extension lines. Erase all extra lines if you want to see only your golden rectangle.

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