How to Construct a Round Pen for a Horse

A round pen is an area where you can work with your horse, train him or simply ride and have fun. It is a small circular area where you can work with your horse without the use of long lead rope or a lunge line. They are smaller in size as compared to arenas but let your horse to wander in there especially when you are away on work. Round pens cost a lot if produced commercially but building your personal round pen requires less money.

Things Required:

– Measuring tape
– Marker flags
– Sand
– Rotary tiller
– Gloves
– 18 — 10 foot long metal horse fence panels
– 1 — 10 foot gate panel
– Metal panel connectors
– Wrench
– Shovel


  • 1

    Location and size

    Seek an area which is smooth and flat in your ground. A normal round pen is with a diameter of 60 feet. Measure the space and then use small marker flags to mark the area. Remember that you can buy these marker flags from your local home improvement or hardware store.

  • 2

    Prepare the footing

    Pour sand on the area in order to prepare the footing of round pen. Remember to wear gloves before spreading sand. You need to lay the sound around three-inch layer of sand and then use a rotary tiller to work it into soil. Sand is used to prevent puddles as it leads to drainage. It also softens the ground. However, make sure that large rocks and waste is removed from the ground which can injure your horse.

  • 3

    Place the panels

    Next you need to place the panels in the upright position on the marked area of your round pen. However, you need to leave a space for the gate of round pen. You are required to call your friend or a helper which will hold the panels in the vertical position. Attach the metal connectors which hold the panels together.

  • 4

    Place the gate

    Install the gate in the place which you left in the round pen. You need to attach it on the panels on both sides. Check whether the gate moves freely and you can do this by opening and closing it. In case it stuck, you can dig away soil from that area.

  • 5

    Introduce the round pen

    Now you need to let your horse roam inside the round pen. Some horses are afraid when trying our new places. Thus you will be required to have a halter and lead rope when you walk your horse inside the round pen.

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