How to Convert a Power Point 2010 Presentation into Video

In the 2010 version of Microsoft PowerPoint, your presentation can be saved in a form of a video as well. The conversion of readable document into a video will make distribution of your presentation quite convenient. The high fidelity version of your presentation will mark a phenomenal impression on your colleagues and customers; you can easily send it via an email attachment, distribute it through DVDs and CDs or publish it on internet. Conversion of your presentation into a multimedia presentation will help you in distributing the file confidently, without any glitch your animated presentation will be narrated. In order to find out the exact procedure of converting the presentation into a video take a look at this guide.


  • 1

    Complete your presentation on PowerPoint and then click ‘File’.

  • 2

    From the drop down menu click the ‘Save and Send’ option.

  • 3

    Several options will appear on your screen, after clicking Save & Send option. Under the heading of ‘File Types’ select ‘Create a Video’ option.

  • 4

    Your screen will show you a page titled with ‘Create a Video’. Form this page you will have to select an appropriate size for your video. This is done by selecting seconds that will be spent on each slide during its view, and the other option is to record narration, if needed for the presentation.

  • 5

    After selecting all appropriate options click ‘Create Video’.

  • 6

    Now you will have to save your video, for that, again click ‘File’.

  • 7

    From the drop down menu click ‘Save As’

  • 8

    A new box will appear on your screen; you will have to select the location where the video has to be saved, so that you can easily access.

  • 9

    Before clicking the ‘Save’ option, do not forget to name your presentation video.

  • 10

    After typing the name click ‘Save’.

  • 11

    It will take few seconds while the video is saved, a progress bar will be seen on the below right side of your power point file. When the saving process is completed you can play the video and take a look at your presentation.

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