How To Convert a PowerPoint File to DVD Format On a Mac

Apple Inc. is the manufacturer of Mac computers. The latest range of these desktop computers comprise of a range of products. These include laptop computers and desktop workstations as well. The laptops range include MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The desktop computer has two variants; the first one is the Mac Pro and the other one is the all-in-one iMac. In addition, it also produces a Mac mini which gives users almost the same functionality as of any other desktop computer.

These computers are the benchmark standard of many industries all over the globe these days. From designing artwork to billboards, from taking pictures to making state-of-the-art movies and from doing tonnes of office tasks to personal chores, these machines are capable of performing efficiently and effectively.

One of the many great features on a Mac is that they are able to use Microsoft Office products and help many in doing their tasks with ease. One such task is that they can convert any PowerPoint file into a DVD format so that it can be played later via DVD player. We will tell you how to do that now.


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    First of all, you need to open Mac’s Keynote software on your Mac. After opening the program, select File and then Open to browse for the PowerPoint file that you want to be converted into a DVD format.

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    After you have opened the PowerPoint file, click on File menu again and select Export. Then you will have various options to export the file into. Click on “Export as QuickTime.” Select this option and click on the Export button. Your file will be converted into a DVD-friendly format and all the audio and video components will be converted as well.

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    After the exporting process is complete, you need to open iMovie from your computer and import all the audio and video files exported by Keynote in the step above.

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    On the timeline of the program, you will be required to drag the audio and video files together. Make sure you set the starting and ending points in line with each other. In case you do not do this, your file’s audio and video will not be in sync.

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    Once you do that, click on the Share menu. Select the option iDVD from the menu. This will ensure that the file you edited on the timeline is burned onto a DVD. Insert a blank disc in the disc drive of your computer in order to proceed.

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    After the burning process is finished, your DVD is ready. You can now playback your PowerPoint slideshow on any DVD compatible player.

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