How to Cook a Sweet Potato in Microwave

Sweet potatoes are root vegetables that are orange in colour and as the name suggests, relatively sweet to the taste. These delicious guys represent one of the best things you can eat as part of a healthy and fit eating plan. Rich in complex carbohydrates (digest slowly and keep metabolisms high) as well as dietary fibre and vitamins, sweet potatoes should become a part of everyone’s diet.


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    Wash Up

    Make sure that you properly wash your hands and work surface that you will be using to make this recipe. Also, it is a good idea to wash all the utensils and other items that you will be using to put this together. Before cooking, be sure you also wash your sweet potato well and pat it dry with paper towel. You will not need to peel the potato prior to cooking it.

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    Poke and Wrap

    Using a fork, pierce the skin of the potato a few times. Place onto a paper towel and put the potato in the microwave.

    You can place another paper towel on top of the potato as a safety precaution if you wish.

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    Cook the potato on high for 5 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, flip the potato so that the side that was on the bottom for the 5 minutes is now on top. Be careful when flipping the potato over as it will be hot. Always take the necessary safety precautions to avoid injury.

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    Cook Again

    Once you have made the flip, close the microwave door and set to high for another 5 minutes of cooking.

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    Good to Go

    Carefully remove the potato from the microwave and plate it. Allow it to cool for a few minutes and then go ahead and eat it with a fork and knife. It is entirely up to you as to how you want to serve or garnish your sweet potato.

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    You can also experiment with your sweet potato when it comes to cooking it inside the microwave. There are new style dishes that are microwave safe and allow for the sweet potato to get cooked without having to flip it after five minutes. You can try one of these dishes if you do not want to use a normal plate or paper towel to cook your sweet potato in the microwave.

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