How to Cook In a Boat Galley Kitchen

If you have a boat or just like to rent one out for a nice weekend on the lake or ocean, then you probably know how challenging it can be to cook in the galley kitchen. The constant rocking back and forth from the waves can create a mess in the galley as the pots and pans slide all over the place. It can take some time to get used to cooking in boat galley kitchen. If you want to cook in a boat galley kitchen then there are a few easy techniques that you can use to help.


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    Prepare in advance:

    If you know that you will be preparing food or cooking in a boat galley kitchen then put all of the things that you will need in advance. Make sure to keep it simple and pack only the items that you will need.

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    Make food early:

    You can make all of the food well in advance and just keep everything in air tight containers that you can open once you are on the boat. This will definitely help you out as instead of having to prepare every item in the boat galley kitchen, you only have to heat or mix things together quickly without having to use pots and pans. You can prepare salads, sandwiches and other food items early.

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    Use pre-packaged foods:

    Most grocery stores now carry a complete line of pre-packaged foods that only require basic preparation or heating. Many deli sections of large grocery stores allow you to place an order for a complete meal with all of the trimmings. This type of meal can be very easy to prepare on a boat galley kitchen as you only need to unpack and maybe heat a few items. Also, most snacks and drinks are usually pre-packaged nowadays, making them extremely useful and practical for consuming on a boating trip.

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    Ensure all equipment is ready:

    Before cooking in a boat galley kitchen make sure that all of the equipment is running and clean. Also check to make sure that the propane cylinders are properly filled before heading out in the boat.

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    Use sticky mats and hooks:

    You can buy relatively inexpensive sticky rubber dinner mats that you can place on a flat surface to get some grip. These mats will hold glasses and plates in place when the boat is rocking back and forth. You can also use cabinet hooks which might already be in place to hold your pots and pans securely.

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