How to Cope With Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a common problem. People feel sleepy during the day despite having a proper sleep at night. A person suffering with narcolepsy can sleep at any time and in any position; sitting, standing and particularly on the bed the person has excessive sleeping spells. The problem can be due to many reasons, but it can also happen without a reason. You can avoid it with a change in your lifestyle. For example, measures like taking less caffeine and change in work schedule can help reduce narcolepsy problem.


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    Start Taking Regular Naps

    If you have been suffering from the narcolepsy problem for a while and can't help stop sleeping during the day, start taking planned naps regularly during the day. Start with 10-15 minutes naps, and this can help you from excessive and unscheduled sleeping.

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    Improve Quality of Night Sleep

    Improving quality of night sleep can help you avoid excessive sleeping during the day. For example, have a proper night sleep schedule. You should go to bed and wake up in the morning at the same time every day. Also, try to start sleeping early and getting up early.

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    Have a schedule to exercise regularly. However, avoid excessive work in the exercise, as this can get you tired and you can end up sleeping more. Also, increase your water intake during the exercise. Dehydration can also be a cause of excessive sleep. Do not exercise soon after getting up or just before sleeping time.

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    Limit Caffeine Intake

    If you have been drinking soft drinks too much and have been consuming caffeine through other sources, try to reduce the intake of caffeine. This should help you reduce the sleep time. Caffeine intake specially at night time can disturb your sleeping routine and you can also end up sleeping more and more. Drink a lot of water instead of consuming soft drinks.

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    Hectic Driving Routine

    If you have been driving too much during anytime of the day or night, this can disturb your sleep routine and cause you sleep excessive during the day. So avoid jobs that require you to drive a longer distance. If you have to drive for any reason, try to take some time for exercise and observe a proper sleeping routine along with it.

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