How to Cope With Sleep Apnea

Millions of people are affected with sleep apnea. The problem is more common in the United States of America. It is an old disease but the level of awareness increased about it in 2004 when the American football star Reggie White died due to it. The most common conditions of sleep apnea are blocking of throat and airways during sleep, which can be treated easily. Leaving them untreated is dangerous and can be fatal sometimes. It is always recommended to start the treatment process after consulting your doctor.


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    See Your Doctor

    You should see your doctor immediately after you become aware that you have the problem. Some of symptoms include sudden awakening in the middle of sleep and feeling difficulties in breathing. You might also snore because of apnea problem.

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    Control Your Sleep

    Control the way you sleep. Some hospitals offer treatment of sleep apnea by making a person sleep on purpose-made beds, where their eye movement and other body parts are controlled before and while sleeping. Developing this habit can help you overcome the problem of sleep apnea easily.

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    Choose CPAP Mask

    You can also make use of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine or mask. Place the mask on your nose and mouth while sleeping. You may also place the mask just on nose if you feel uncomfortable by putting the mask on your mouth. You can fix the mask with an elastic strap under your chin.

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    Change Your Lifestyle

    One of the most common reasons behind suffering sleep apnea is smoking and a casual lifestyle. Change your lifestyle and you can gradually improve your sleeping habit. Quit smoking if possible or at least do not smoke before sleeping. Also, increase water intake. Dehydration can also cause sleep apnea.

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    Sleeping Position

    If you are sleeping on your back, you are most likely to develop snoring problem and also sleep apnea. It is always recommended to sleep on your side. By sleeping on your back you can sleep sound and deep, and will get up fresh. Also, change your bed if you do not feel comfortable sleeping on it. The place you sleep should also be quiet, with no music and other disturbance during the sleep.

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