How to Copyright a Restaurant Name in London

Many concepts go into the practical establishment of a restaurant. This also includes protecting the restaurant’s name/logo, or the restaurant itself, under copyright laws of the country it is being established in. Copyright, in simple words, is a process through which the founder of a particular entity or work is accredited for it in such a way that it protects, and grants him, certain rights that he enjoys under the law. This includes; discouraging any future similar endeavors unless expressly permitted by the original founder, the right to adopt the founder’s work in other forms, the right to benefit (financially) from the founder’s work and so on. It must be duly noted that in case of a wish to attain copyrights, certain procedures need to be adopted and formalities fulfilled. This is true in the case of adopting copyright process for a restaurant name in London as well, and the following steps will help you become acquainted with it.


  • 1

    In case of a wish to attain copyrights for a restaurant's name, an application form needs to be filled. This can be done online through the following link, or a personal visit to the Intellectual Property Office can be made.

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    It must be noted before applying for the copyrights of a restaurant's name that the application fee of £30 is for the preliminary examination of an application, and not the actual filing fees. It is also worth mentioning here that this fees is non-refundable.

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    All information must be counter checked when filling out the application form. A description of the restaurant should also be included, along with a list of its tangible and intangible assets.

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    After the form has been filled, it should be sent to the Intellectual Property Office on the address given in Step 1.

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    After sending the application form, a search must be requested within 12 months of  filing or on the priority date. If the application meets the requirements of the Intellectual Property Office standards, a patent will be granted and name and address of the restaurant/applicant will appear on the front page of the published application. The publication of the application will appear on the following link of Intellectual Property Office.

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    The applicant must request a substantive assessment within 6 months of the publication, and he will be notified in case of a rejection or acceptance of his application. In case of the application being approved, a patent for the restaurant's name will be granted along with a certificate stating the same.

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