How to Counter Attacks to the Feet Fencing Epee

Epee fencing is quite an entertaining sport and is considered to be one of the main events in Olympic Games. The participants are required to hit each other with blades in order to score points. They are covered with protective gear, so there is no chance of an injury whatsoever.

There are numerous ways of attacking an opponent and winning points, but these attacks can be countered, if you are aware of some proper fencing techniques. One of the easiest ways of scoring points in this game is by attacking the feet.

If you don’t lose focus and concentrate hard on the movement of your rival, you will be able to counter attacks to the feet.


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    Position yourself

    Like most of the other sports, positioning is really important in epee fencing. If you are not aware of choosing the right stance, you will be vulnerable to a lot of attacks and will eventually lose the fight. So, stand side on with the blade pointed towards your opponent. Keep your forward knee bent and continue making movements in order to deceive the other person.

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    Keep distance from your opponent

    If you are standing too close to your opponent, you will be vulnerable to a lot of attacks. So, make sure that you keep a safe distance and move forward only when you need to attack the other person.

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    Move your feet backwards

    Once your opponent attacks your feet, you need to make a backwards movement in order to avoid contact. For this, you need to be agile otherwise you will be unable to stop being attacked continuously.

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    Stretch the blade forward

    Just as you move backwards to avoid the attack, stretch your blade forward towards the other person. The best possible option will be to hit your opponent on the arm, as that will be close to you. However, you need to make your move quickly, as your rival will definitely not miss on the second attempt. If you are the first one to hit him/her with the blade, you will be awarded the point.

  • 5

    Lunge forward

    By lunging forward, you will be inviting the opponent to attack your feet. However, you can use this move as a trap to win a point. Don’t be the first one to attack and simply wait for the move of your rival. As soon as he/she starts moving the blade, you can counter it by hitting him/her first.

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