How to Cover Books

A book is a set of written, printed or blank pages. It contains and preserves knowledge or someone’s biography. Books contain almost anything and everything from food recipes, school text books to fictional novels or even comic books.

However, to protect the cover and binding, covering a book is essential. Schools children are especially ask to cover their books so they are not worn off or tear down. Covering books can help extend books’ condition for several years plus it enhances its look.

Things Required

– Paper or plastic wrap
– Duct tape
– Textbook
– A long flat surface


  • 1

    Chose the type of paper or wrap

    First of all you need to choose the type of wrapping paper you want to cover your book with. You can choose brown paper, coloured paper, Sunday comics or most preferably plastic wraps to cover your book.

  • 2

    Lay out the paper on plain surface

    You need to put the wrapping paper on a plain surface e.g. a kitchen counter or your floor if it is not carpeted. A table or any smooth surface can also be used for this step.

    Cut the wrapping paper almost three times long as the size of your book.

  • 3

    Place your book in centre of your wrapping paper

    Lay your book in the centre of your wrapping paper by placing the spine of your book in the middle.

    After touching the spine in the middle, lay your book to one side.  Turn the wrap onto the other side of your book and make sure the spine of your book is intact with the wrapping paper.

  • 4

    Folding the extensions

    After covering your whole book with the wrapping paper, fold the extended portions inside the book.

    First you need to fold the parts of wrapping paper which extends over the cover.

    Then you need to fold the extended wrapping paper from the top and bottom of your book.  It should touch the part which was previously folded.

  • 5

    Apply duct tapes

    Use duct tapes to hold the extended wrapping paper with your book. Place duct tapes on the area where both folded portion meets.

  • 6

    Repeat the above two steps on the other side

    Next you need to repeat the process on the other side of your book. You need to fold all extended wrapping paper inside the book and then seal it with duct tape.

  • 7

    Apply duct tape on the spine of your book

    In the end you need to put duct tape on the spine of your book in order to support it. It will also ensure that your wrapping paper doesn’t tear.

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