How to Create Your Business Cards using Microsoft Office

Business card is considered to be an efficient weapon used for marketing but still people ignore its importance. If we just talk about personals then it is always very handy to have your business card with you at all of the times. It reflects almost everything about a person, who he is? what he do? What are his contact numbers? And what is he capable of doing? So having a business card with you all the time is very handy. People usually pay money to have their business card designs, but they can make it easily at home using Microsoft Office. Following guide will shows how to create your business card using MS Office.


  • 1

    Open MS Office and then click on the file menu present on the top left corner. And then click on “New”.

  • 2

    Now you would have several options and templates given by menu bar. Click on the “Business Cards” and then click on “Print Business Cards” option.

  • 3

    Here you will be presented with several templates of business card, chose the one which looks better to you. The template you chose will open in a new document.

  • 4

    Now you can add all the appropriate information on that business card. First of all click on the “insert” option in the file menu and then “insert Picture”. Browse your directories and then select your picture or logo.

  • 5

    Now click on the “Name” field present on your business card and write your name using appropriate format and text size.

  • 6

    Click on the business address field and add your business address there.

  • 7

    Now click on contacts field and add your contact numbers and email addresses.

  • 8

    Now if you want to take multiple print outs on a single page then copy the design and paste it several times. You can view the print preview by going to “File” option and then clicking “Print Preview”.

    Take printouts by clicking “Print” option present under “File” tab.

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