How to Create a Fun Newspaper for Kids

Creating a fun newspaper for kids can be an interesting and effective technique to bring the children to literary side. It is not only a great way of teaching but also a psychological boost for kids. Going through whole process of conceiving, writing, publishing and reading will fill their minds with a sense of achievement.

This exercise will enhance their analytical skills and develop their expression. They will learn to observe things around them; they will start looking the surroundings from a different angle and ultimately they will learn to reach a logical conclusion.

For your information, this exercise is really cheap as all you need is to provide your kids few papers, pens and pasting glue etc. You will just supervise and let the children speak their minds.


  • 1

    Pick an old newspaper for reference. It is better to follow an old-fashioned tabloid style as it will require less effort. You can use white poster size paper which is hard and thick enough to bear pasting glue.

  • 2

    Now it is time to plan the layout of this newspaper. Make it as simple as you can so that your paper is not stressful for eyes. You may divide your sheet in different sections like for headlines, sports news, local news, birthday calendar, weather forecast and cartoon strip etc.

  • 3

    Ask your kids to suggest name of the newspaper. It can be anything like family name, hometown or school name. Add professional words like “Tribune”, “Gazette”, “News” or “Times” to make it catchy.

  • 4

    Assign duties to your kids. You can make their groups and ask them to work as a team for different sections. Give them the responsibility they want like if anyone of them wants to write a pet obituary put him in local news section. If someone is member of school’s sports club, direct him to write a sports round up.

  • 5

    Pick two or three kids, who are not that much good in terms of writing, and ask them to make a list of upcoming events. This will help the other team members to find news sources. Brainstorm for story ideas and write them down on a paper.

  • 6

    You may take couple of days to make this fun newspaper as it will give your kids enough time to think and write. Once they hand over their piece of writing, ask your editorial team to review those articles and give feedback.

  • 7

    If any of them is fond of photography or sketching, ask him for images that are relevant to those articles.

  • 8

    Now proofread yourself, mark the mistakes and ask your kids to make corrections. Then you may use computerise printing system or simply paste all those things to your sheet.

  • 9

    Your fun newspaper is all set to hit the “market”. Ask your children to distribute it in the local community or school.

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