How to Create a Knot Garden

In the recent times, the knot gardens have become more popular especially because of their landscape look that makes these gardens their surroundings more fascinating. The knot gardens are usually designed in a specific pattern which is also known as geometric patterns that present beautiful patterns, shades and textures of numerous plants. You can also include different flowering and herbal plants in knot garden which will add more beauty to its overall appearance. If you want to create a knot garden but do not know how to do it appropriately, then keep reading this post.


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    First of all, you should decide a space where you want to create a knot garden. Make sure the space is not less than 10 feet and if you can manage more space then it will be more suitable for a knot garden.

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    You should design the knot garden by drawing a sketch on paper which will help you to determine what the exact design of the garden. Also include the borders of the knot garden on paper which will help you to create a boundary line for the garden.

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    Make sure you have re-evaluated everything after drawing the sketch of the knot garden and make amendments where necessary. After making required changes, make the design final.

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    Now you should create the borders of your knot garden and take a strong and stakes for this purpose. After that take a garden tiller which will help you to prepare the land or space for the garden.

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    Now you should soak the roots of plants by following the instructions of an experienced person or the attendant of nursery from where you have bought the roots or seeds.

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    You should lay every root by keeping the design of your garden in view which will help you to create a knot garden in a desired manner.

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    After planting the roots, you should water the space gently and avoid watering too much that can affect the growth process of the garden. Stop watering when you see that it is about one inch high from the surface.

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    Make sure you keep cleaning your knot garden from unnecessary weeds and also add topical fertiliser when you observe that plants have become fully established in the soil. It will help in growing the plants faster.

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