How to Create a Lesson Plan in Literature

The hallmark of a good English teacher is the ability to effectively communicate the course work to students. Making the lesson interesting and encouraging everyone to speak is among the most difficult tasks due to the old flavour attached to literature. One needs to ensure that he or she conducts the lesson in a creative way, with the aim of getting positive student feedback.


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    Start with a brief overview

    Some students are not too comfortable with English literature so it is a good exercise to start with a brief overview of the topic under discussion. This way you can assess what students already know, and which aspects you need to focus on. This is a good starting point as students will engage themselves in group discussions before you can chip in to make the subject or topic clearer for them to comprehend.

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    Outline general activities

    How you intend to get everyone on the same wave length? This is an important consideration as you don’t want some students to go ahead, while others catch up on the lesson. Start with certain reading activities, where you cover the initial base of the subject, and allow students to share their thoughts in pairs, as a group etc. This way you have a fair idea where each individual stands. Get creative and outline the objectives you want to accomplish.

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    This is the most important stage for an English literature teacher, where he or she comprehends the subject. For instance, if you are reading some extracts from a novel, do it by creating a feel for the text. Go through a chapter first, and provide a general comprehension before asking your students to explain it or give an overview. Don’t jump to conclusions as there will be certain terms which students might not have heard before so it important that you clear their concepts first. To assist your students further, you can prepare easy or summary notes, which they can refer to at all times.

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    Get feedback

    Now that you have delivered the lesson the best way possible, it is important to check the response - whether they have understood the subject or not. Create a group activity, where you prepare questions and ask a group to answer them. Let students exchange ideas and learn from each other.

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    Assign a project and a written assignment

    At the end of it, assign a creative project related to what you have taught them in class. Moreover, take a written test to see whether students are familiar with the English language.

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