How to Create a Photo Montage

Making a photo montage is not that technical if you are able to follow some simple tips to perform this task. Picture montages are exclusive visible explanations and styles that are intended to please the eye, show a perspective or show off a lot of images. These montages are fun to make and can be done with almost anything. Montages are excellent presents and can be used for activities that the whole family will enjoy doing. If you want to create a photo montage then just follow these easy guidelines to help you get started with this fun activity.


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    Decide what type of style you want. This will determine the type of poster panel or support you will need. If you would like sketch the style you are looking to make and use it as a 'cheat' piece of types. If there is no real style, just an unwanted collection of images, you simply need to select your size and the type of surface area on which you want to show these images.

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    Gather all your images. Begin with the large-sized images first. Determine the position of these images on the poster panel. Set the images on the panel to see what they might look like. Eliminate the images and apply the photo using sticky adhesive on the area where each large photo will be placed. Set the images in their areas. Position a soft towel on top of each photograph and sleek down the sides. Quickly squash the soft towel at the middle of each photo to make sure it is protected. Take your time while doing this as you will want your photos to be glued firmly in place and be properly balanced.

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    Now consider looking through the rest of your images. Start with one area and begin to put images in an ideal style of how you think they will work well. You should select images of various dimensions, styles and content. If you only want a small or particular area of a picture then cut that part out so you are left with reduced sized photo. Be sure to follow some plan or flow so that your photo montage does not look overly confusing or cluttered in a certain area. Make sure you distribute the photos properly so that it looks pleasant.

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    Round off the sides of images and make different perspectives. Position the images, then apply and stick the images. Remember to use the soft towel to force the images down properly. Use a sticky tape or sticky backing to keep down any sides that pop up or seem unstable. Make sure all of the photos are pushed down and properly stuck to the panel. You do not want the photos to move around especially if you decide to hand your photo montage on the wall.

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    Continue with all your images until the whole panel is done. Position it in a frame-you could protect it with glass--or display it on walls.

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