How to Create a Salad with Real Edible Flowers

Salad is one of the primary side dishes, served along with the main course. There are many types of Salads, but one of the most refreshing and tasteful Salad is made with Real Edible Flowers.

The Edible Flowers not only add an elegant look to your salad, but it also adds beautiful colours and textures to your salad.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Utensils: Salad bowl, glass measuring cup, cup, salad tongs

Serving Size: 4 to 6


Mixed greens
Edible flowers (carnations, pansies, bachelor’s buttons, nasturtiums, calendulas, herb blossoms)
Oil and vinegar dressing


  • 1

    Take a salad bowl, and add around 1 quart of mixed greens in it. Toss them gently with the help of salad tongs, and set the bowl aside.

  • 2

    Now prepare the edible flowers. With extreme care, pull the petals of the flowers from the carnation blossoms. Place the petals in the measuring cup. Add the entire bloom of the bachelor’s buttons to the measuring cup. Add the petals of the nasturtium petals in the measuring cup as well. Take the long and slender calendula petals, and add them to the measuring cup as well.

  • 3

    Herb blossoms are ideal for salads, e.g. chive blossoms, basil flowers, rosemary blossoms and oregano blooms. Take these flowers, and pull them gently apart into smaller pieces before adding them into the measuring cup. Try to vary the size of the flowers, as it will eventually enhance the look of the salad. Prepare at least three cups of edible flowers.

  • 4

    Now add the prepared flowers into the salad bowl with mixed greens. Toss them lightly with the salad tongs to mix all the ingredients properly. Make sure that the flowers and greens are equally balanced, otherwise, add more flowers or greens depending upon which is lesser.

  • 5

    Add oil and vinegar dressing at the top of Edible Flowers Salad before serving, and serve it as you need.

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