How to Create a Tuscan Kitchen

Different people like various styles when it comes to enhancing the appearance of their kitchen. People usually follow the latest trends and make certain alterations to make their kitchen trendy. A Tuscan styled kitchen has become one of the most popular styles. If you want to create a Tuscan style kitchen but do not know where to start then check out some important guidelines that you can easily follow.

Things Required:

– Paint
– Terra Cota Tiles
– Stone Tiles
– Wooden Flooring
– Wood, Clay, Metal Kitchen Items
– Pottery Items


  • 1

    First, you should select the paint colour for the walls of your kitchen. Make sure you give a plastered or sun-baked look to the walls of your kitchen. However, if you want to make it more beautiful, then use textured painting that gives different shades to the walls that look fascinating.

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    You should avoid using average quality paint just to save a little amount of money. It will ruin the whole purpose and you won’t be able to get a perfect Tuscan touch on your kitchen walls.

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    You can bring many other things into your kitchen including the materials that are made of wood, clay, metal or stone and are also old enough to give a perfect Tuscan look to your kitchen. Place these things in different parts of the kitchen ensuring that they are visible and are appropriate to the surroundings.

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    Installing stone floors is the most important part of a Tuscan kitchen. You have two main options which include terra cotta tiles or wood as both options work perfectly for a Tuscan kitchen.

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    Now you should paint all cabinets of the kitchen by using a white colour that gives them an antique feel. Make sure that the paint is not bright as it will destroy the overall ambiance of the kitchen.

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    You should use clay pottery for your kitchen. It is important to also use baskets, canisters and metal bowls, napkins, utensils, recipe cards and potholders. All these items will help in enhancing the look of your kitchen by giving it a perfect Tuscan look.

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    Try to replace everything in your kitchen with different items that give an impression of Tuscany. However, you can also alter your existing things by painting or moving them around.

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