How to Create an Account on is a latest social media tool that allows you to have trusted relationships with communities and businesses over the internet, without compromising on privacy or sharing your personal data. Although there are several social networking facilities currently available on the web however, Comment.Me is the first reputation network that can convert your social networks into your personal referral one. is a safest way yet, to stay connected with the people, communities or businesses of your interest without sharing your personal information. Active users can use Connect.Me invitation links to invite others through their Connect.Me card. It might seem like just another social media site, however, Connect.Me calls itself as a reputation network and not a social network hence it has certain restrictions that must be taken into account you start using the service.

Connect.Me does not allow you to trade vouches, barter or buy vouches with others who have previously vouched for you.  Only honest vouching through people who authentically know you and respect your work is considered legal.

Connect.Me also allows you to embed your existing Social media contact lists under one shelf and is definitely an easy to operate tool that can be used to handle all your social media.

There are several ways to logon to


  • 1

    Log on to the website, www.Connect.Me and click on the blue Signup button on the top right corner of your screen.

  • 2

    If you are not registered to any of the three mentioned services, or if you wish to make a fresh Connect.Me account, click on the tab that says ‘your email’ and input your email address, followed by your desired username to use the service and the password to login to your Connect.Me account. Now click on the red sign up button.

  • 3

    You will receive your login details through an email from Connect.Me management which will contain your username and your personal card at the address you gave during sign up.

  • 4

    Go to your inbox, open the email from Connect.Me and Click on the link next to the tab, ‘Your personal card’ and you will be routed to your Connect.Me homepage.

  • 5

    Click on Add a name to your card tab and fill in your personal information including name, location(s), photograph and a little biography. Now press the save button.

  • 6

    Your Connect.Me account has now been created. If you wish you can import your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts in Connect.Me.

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