How to Create an Employee Development Program

Companies aiming to thrive in their respective industry need effective and hard working employees. One way to enhance the overall efficiency is to develop an employee training program which enables businesses to improve the overall skill level of their employees, which in turn positively affects production.


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    Defining business goals

    Before starting the program, a company needs to identify its own long-term and short term goals. By doing that it will simplify the process of creating a program which directly helps employees sharpen their skills and meet those goals. For instance, you may require additional team leaders during a growth period, or may need employees with particular expertise on how to use new machinery.

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    Having set out larger goals, you will now need proper planning on how to implement them through your training program. This can be categorized in order of preference or simply by separating certain soft and hard skills. For instance, it may not be worth carrying out a program during office hours so a proper schedule needs to be maintained where you separate training sessions by assigning various topics such as customer service, safety and leadership workshops, along with topics which cover specific issues such as operating machinery or new equipment.

    Then according to the schedule, you will further need to separate the employees into specific categories. Given their expertise and ability to improve, you will list them in the matching category - those who will be leading the teams, those who will be assigned to deal with customers and those who will be learning specific job procedures.

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    Talk to your employees

    This exercise can be carried out at any stage, and it is essential for you to interact with your employees to gauge their skill level. Only then you will be able to convey the importance of the development program and further figure out their career paths. Face to face interaction is crucial where you clearly outline the challenges and opportunities ahead. It is better to do your homework on each employee rather than making false assumptions.

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    Start the procedure

    Having placed plenty of emphasis on the training program, it is important that you carry out the procedure in a professional way. Use electronic or multi-media tools, hire qualified trainers, and incorporate a feedback process, where employees are asked to comment on the effectiveness of the program.

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