How to Create Criteria for Employee Recognition Awards

Employees always seek recognition from their supervisors. It not only keeps them motivated but ensures a pleasant working environment where everyone makes a sincere effort to help the company grow and increase the overall output. Emphasizing on such recognition programs in turn reflects the true culture of the company itself.


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    Form a committee, comprising of the top managers of the company or those running their respective teams. These could further include people whom every one trusts. For instance, an accountant who has been in the office for 10 years, may not hold a top post but is respected and trusted by everyone and most likely to provide unbiased views.

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    Now tap into the scope of the programme. You will need to define the objective of carrying out such an activity. Maybe you want to reward people who have worked the longest, produced the desired sales, or exceeded expectations. Decide on how the programme will move forward by keeping in mind a company’s objective.

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    Guideline, criteria and scale

    Provide clear guidelines on how an employee will be eligible for recognition. Make sure that the criteria inspires everyone to perform at their best, rather than lead to jealousy among the employees. The criteria must not work against the greater good of your company’s overall goal.

    Moreover, measure the respective performance on a scale of 0 to 10. This will provide easy results in case of a tie between two employees. This scale must have specific details. For instance, if two employees have exceeded the sales for a particular month, both will obviously be given 10 on 10. However, using the scale for evaluating who arrived on work on time will help you distinguish the winner. More or less the criteria must be applied to all workers. Avoid measuring attitudes etc, which could hurt feelings.

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    This is the most important element which will motivate the employees. It is important that you set a proper budget for this. For instance, rewarding your employee with a shield is mandatory but don’t restrict yourself with just this solitary prize. Give perks in the form of two-day paid leave, or a free hotel stay, dinner for the family etc, or an allowance etc.

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    Present the award

    The award must be presented during an informal or formal meeting, where anyone from the top line managers recognizes the achievements of his or her staff.

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