How to Create Professional Business Cards on Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a great image editing program, which does not only allows it users to create and edit images, but one can also create business cards using this program. Adobe Photoshop Elements is lauded as one of the best software program used by people who save their money by creating their own business cards at home.

A good business card can leave a good first impression on your customers. So, it is really important that you should design a good looking and professional business card. It is really easy to create business cards using Adobe Photoshop Elements, provided that you know the basic dimensions and requirements of the card.


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    First of all, you need to make a master card document for your business cards. For this purpose, launch Adobe Photoshop Elements and select “New Project” from the “File” menu. Usually, the size of a business card should be equal to 6 x 9 cm. However, you can set a dimension according your requirements.

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    Once you are done with setting up the card dimensions, you can set the dpi. For a professional quality business card, you will have to set the dpi to 300. However, you must make sure that your printer has the capability to print the card with such dpi. Otherwise, you will have to lower the quality to around 200 to 250 dpi, depending on your printer’s ability.

    If your printer does not support high quality printing, then you will have to take your card project in flash drive and get it printed from a printing shop.

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    On a white background, type your name, along with company name and other details which you want to place on your business card. Also, add any image, such as company logo, to your card, and adjust its size, as per your needs. You can also add some effects, such as shadowing effect, to the image or the text on your business card.

    However, try to make it as simple as you can, in order to give it a professional look. Once done, save the file in .psd format, as your master file.

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    Save a copy and flatten, in order to print around 10 to 12 business cards on one A4 size printing sheet. After you take out the prints, you can cut out your business cards from the print sheet.

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