How to Critique an Evaluation Report

The basic purpose of an evaluation report is to make available all the information about any project. Similarly, to critique an evaluation report is to verify that all the given facts and figures are correct. An effective critique guarantees the success of that specific project as it not only evaluates the progress but also suggests the suitable directions.

This analysis should be objective, organised, thoughtful and constructive. If there is any deficiency then it should be mentioned in a way which is acceptable and motivating. You should keep in mind that an effective critique is one that is covering all the aspects of the under discussion report.

Though, it is a tricky job to analyse something without having personal likes and dislikes but few simple moves can make this an effortless job.


  • 1

    The first thing you need to do is to give full attention to the core issue. Make sure that the evaluation report is highlighting all the main features of that project and it gives complete information about every step.

  • 2

    You may use an assessment form to analyse this report properly. Try to judge every element of this evaluation and rate the information provided by this report. You should be thinking like a neutral reader.

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    A well written evaluation report should have transparency so that every reader gets complete idea of the project. There should be zero margin of ambiguity. You should check that the language of this evaluation report is understandable and its terminology and vocabulary is from daily life.

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    Check the format of that report. There should be a constant flow like one section leading to the next. This continuity is very important as it helps the reader to review all the content without any trouble. Moreover, all the information should be compact.

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    Note the quality of the content as the basic purpose of this evaluation report is to provide authentic and reliable information about the project. Any fake claim or incorrect figure can really harm its credibility.

  • 6

    Look for the conciseness and the precision. Point out if there is any trivial information and do not let them fill the pages with purposeless content. Make sure that this evaluation report is strictly following a theme.

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    You should ensure an overall appeal in the report as this should lock the attention of every person related to under discussion project.

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