How to Crochet Baby Slippers

Crocheting a pair of baby slippers can be a perfect gift for a new mom, with the assurance that she will keep them with her even when the little one outgrows her. You can simply buy a beautiful pair of baby booties from the market but crocheting a pair by yourself showcases your love perfectly.

Baby feet tend to get cold, causing discomfort to the new born and crocheting a pair of slippers out of yarn can keep your baby’s feet cosy. You can find a number of crocheting patterns on the internet but keep in mind that you must have some basic knowledge of stitching before you set out to crochet the pair of shoes. There are some simple crocheting patterns for the beginners and everyone can follow easily.

Things Required:

– Size F crochet hook
– Baby yarn in the colour of your choice
– Coordinating ribbon
– Stitch marker
– Yarn needle


  • 1

    Begin the first row by chaining 30, making single crochet in the second chain right from the hook and until the end. Make sure to chain one and turn in the end.

  • 2

    Stitch two single crochets in the front loop of the initial chain you had made before starting up the second row. Carry on adding single crochet in the front loop, but have two single crochets in the last stitch before you chain one and turn.

  • 3

    As for the row three, you have to complete it by putting single crochet in the front loop, chain and then turn. You have to continue adding similar sort of crochets in the next four rows until you have completed seven rows.

  • 4

    The eighth row shall be made by crocheting only in the front loops, single crochets in each stitch across the row, chain and turn in the end.

  • 5

    Single crocheting in the front loop of each stitch is to be made in the ninth row and leave about 10 inches length of yarn before you fasten off.

  • 6

    Fold the short sides of crochet together and use the 10-inch length of yarn to sew them together with a needle. Keep stitching along the base chain and then join them at the bottom to complete the shape of the slipper. Fasten off the yarn at the ends.

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