How to Cure a Stomach Ache

Stomach aches can cause tremendous pain and be quite scary if they last for more than a few days. Regardless of age, most people have experienced a severe stomach ache at least once in their lifetime. It is important to determine the cause of your stomach ache to cure it effectively. Follow some simple techniques to help you effectively cure a stomach ache.

Things Required:

– Medicines (Tums, Rolaids or Pepto Bismol)
– Crackers
– Diet Plan
– Heat Pad


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    Research has shown that eating medicine like Tums, Rolaids or Pepto Bismol can help you reduce your stomach ache considerably. Most common stomach aches occur due to the over consumption of acidic foods. This increases the amount of acidity in the gastrointestinal tract and can give you a bad stomach ache. Symptoms like bloating, excessive gas and pain are associated with stomach aches that are caused by acidity.

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    Avoid eating spicy and oil foods at all times. Fast food including fries, burgers, pizzas and sandwiches should not be consumed for best results. Although we all love junk food but it can cause severe problems for your stomach. Reducing the consumption of these things can help your stomach bounce back very quickly.

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    Lie down on your bed for long period of time. People who suffer stomach aches should take plenty of rest. Just like other parts of our body, the stomach also needs some rest.

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    Crackers have the ability to absorb extra acid from your stomach. The next time you are feeling some pain in your stomach and you feel that it is due to acidity, eat some crackers for some quick relief.

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    Drink plenty of water. Consider consuming at least 5 to 6 litres of water on a daily basis. Drinks such as ginger ale and fresh lime can also help your stomach get rid of harmful acids.

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    If the pain is extremely uncomfortable then you can try using a heat pad, which is design to give your ribs and stomach a bit of temporary relief.

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    It could be that you are not eating properly as some stomach aches can also be caused by not having enough food in the system. Eat some fresh fruits and vegetables as these are light and will help fill you up. Make a proper diet plan that you can follow to prevent any further stomach aches from occurring in the future.

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