How to Cure and Prevent Mouth Ulcers

It’s that moment again isn’t it? Another annoying ulcer has reappeared in your mouth. It’s more frustrated when you have changed your diet and even improved your dental hygiene. However there are some unknown reasons for contracting ulcers. Ulcers are sore lesions in the mouth. It is very common and can happen to 1 in 5 people.  Don’t worry in sharing your drinks with your loved ones, ulcers are not contagious! Most ulcers are harmless and can disappear within 2 weeks. It’s also very likely to get ulcers when you wear braces because of the friction between the inside of your mouth and the braces. Using the wax your orthodontist provided can help this problem.


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    There are some medications available over the counter which can help the heal ulcers quicker such as bonjela and corsodyl. However Listerine total care can help PREVENT future mouth ulcers. The advanced Listerine has multiple of benefits. It strengthens the teeth, freshens the breath, WHITENS the teeth and kills up to 97% of germs after brushing. How many of us brush our teeth twice a day, floss and then end with using a mouthwash? It takes quite a while especially if we rushing in the morning. Using a mouthwash is less of an effort after brushing than using floss. Using Listerine twice a day after brushing can change your dental care dramatically.

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    Listerine original formula was used as antiseptics for surgical procedures over 100 years ago. The total care product won over 4 awards within 5 year! This product was around for a long time. The taste of Listerine total care is refreshing and you can see an improvement to your mouth within a week.

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    I haven’t experienced any mouth ulcers after using Listerine total care (the purple one!).  It’s different from other mouthwashes… even the ones from its own brand. The powerful sensation in your mouth when gurgling with Listerine leaves you a clean feeling in your mouth.  Before using Listerine, I use to brush my teeth 3-4 times a day as it never seemed to feel clean.  Listerine is an amazing product that cleans the insides of your mouth where your toothbrush doesn’t touch! I have been using it for one year now. I switched to the green one recently and it doesn’t give my teeth the same glowing look.

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    Listerine total care has a lot of benefits other than keeping horrible mouth ulcers away! One of my teeth had become sensitive due to gingival recession. Every time I laughed, the painful sensation from the wind would travel straight to my brain! It was awful! I started using Listerine total care and it had numbed down the sensitivity!  The Listerine total care can be found in all beauty stores. If you are still sceptical, try the 250ml small bottle first. Use it twice daily after brushing and say good-bye to the unwanted inhabitants in your mouth!

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