How to Cure Different Types of Insomnias

Insomnia describes episodes of frequent sleepless nights. Several women and elderly people go through this problem and it is considered to be unhealthy if you are experiencing insomnia at a young age. There are three types of insomnia and there are different ways to deal with them. These three types are: transient insomnia, short-term insomnia and chronic insomnia. In order to deal with these three types of insomnias, you can use the following methods.


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    Transient Insomnia

    Transient insomnia is when you face certain disturbances while sleeping. This type of insomnia would only last a few nights and would occur due to jet lag, illness, excitement or even stress. Doctors believe that taking relaxants and sleeping pills can sort such problems out. However, do not use sleeping pills if you are suffering from insomnia almost on a daily basis. Transient insomnia only occurs on rare occasions and you must only take sleeping pills if this is happening occasionally.

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    Short-term Insomnia

    A short-term insomnia is relatively more serious as compared to transient insomnia. This insomnia causes a sleeping disorder for up to two weeks. Psychiatrists claim that such insomnia can be caused due to a job change, serious illness, divorce, financial problems or even if a close one has passed away. In order to rid yourself of short-term insomnia you must first try and take a single, but strong, sleeping pill. If that does not work for you then you must consult the doctor. Mostly short-term insomnia can be sorted out with the help of a sleeping pill.

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    Chronic Insomnia

    As the name suggests, such insomnia is not only for a longer period of time, but in fact it can cause several health problems. This type of insomnia is the rarest and is also quite serious. If you are experiencing such a problem then you must always consult the doctor since he/she will give you the best advice regarding this problem. It is reported that even though this type of insomnia is rare, at least 10 to 15 % of the US population is suffering from it. If you want to get rid of chronic insomnia, you must get rid of the thought that it is happening because of a serious illness or high stress level. Consult the doctor that you do not have any serious illness. Moreover, at times medicines tend to take your sleep away as well. Generally look for things which are bothering you while you sleep. If your sleeping disorder does not go away with the help of a sleeping pill, consult a doctor.

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