How to Date when you have Kids

Dating on its own can be pretty complicated after the death of your spouse or divorce, but the complication is taken to an entirely new level if you have kids. You do not necessarily have to end your romantic life just because you have kids. You need to learn to balance both the things so that you can date while still being a good parent.


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    Let your date know that you have kids. Hiding this fact from your date will only lead to complications in the future. If you are looking for a serious and committed relationship with your date, then it is extremely important to share the truth about what can be easily regarded as the most important part of your life, your kids. Do not get alarmed if your date gets upset at first. However, if you two really have an understanding and a potential future together, then your date is bound to understand.

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    You need to ask yourself what and how much you want to share with your kids. If they are really young, then it probably would be pointless to explain to them about you dating someone. However, if they are old enough to understand, tell them about your current relationship. They are the ones who will be affected the most by your dating life, which is why you owe them this much information.

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    Plan a meeting between your kids and your date. This needs to be carefully planned out. Wait until your date is okay with you being a parent and your kids are okay with you dating again. Choose a good restaurant for the meeting. Do not go for a place that is too crowded.

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    Even though you would have introduced your date and kids to each other at the first meeting, another meeting will help to create a certain comfort level between them. Go for a more intimate setting this time such as your own house.

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    It is important to ensure that your date and kids get along with each other. Get them to do activities together. If your kids love video games, get your date to play multiplayer games with them. If your kids like football, watch the big games together.

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    Try to keep your kids included in your plans with your date such as watching a movie or going on picnics.

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    Make sure that you have sufficient alone time with your kids. Not spending enough time with your kids is the biggest mistake that you can make, as that tends to make the kids feel that the date is stealing their parent away from them.

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    Be sure to spend some alone time with your date as well. Do not forget that your date is your romantic partner and you need to spend some alone time with each other to keep the relation strong.

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    Do not do mushy stuff with your date in front of your kids, as this will make the latter feel both awkward and disgusted. Wait until you and your date are alone before you hug or kiss them.

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