How to Deal With a Child’s Babysitter Complaints

It is not possible to stay with the kid all the time, especially if you are working. Everybody has to leave his/her kid in the care of others one way or another. If there is no one in the family to take care of the kid, you are left with no option but arranging a babysitter.

The kids usually don’t feel comfortable with the babysitter. You may have seen children complaining too much about the person you have actually hired for their care. It creates a really frustrating situation.

Since you are already aware of your kid’s naughty behaviour, you cannot ask the babysitter to give the child any relaxation. If the babysitter is restricting your child’s monkey business, he/she is doing the right thing, because this is what you are paying him/her for.


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    First of all, you need to talk to your kid in detail about the role of the babysitter. Try to understand what you kid’s real issues are. Mostly, the children don’t like babysitters just because they restrict rebelling behaviour.

    In case the kid comes up with typical excuses, you need to make him/her understand that the babysitter is taking steps for the good cause. However, if the kid does not feel comfortable with the babysitter for one specific reason, you cannot ignore it.

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    Meet the babysitter and discuss the child’s complaints. Make sure the kid is not around, when you discuss the matter for the first time. Let the babysitter explain his/her opinion freely.

    You can pose different relevant questions to determine the reality. If one particular incident has taken place, listen both sides and try to identify whether the babysitter is describing the series of events just the kid has done.

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    Since you know your kid better, tell the babysitter how to handle the misbehaviour. Sometimes, the kids stop rebelling if handled with affection. The babysitter may have not done this in the past.

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    Let the babysitter and kid talk in your presence. Ask them to understand each other and be friends.

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    Observe the babysitter’s behaviour with your kid. You can ask him/her to come a little early and see how the babysitter interacts with the kid. You can also check his/her behaviour with the kid by coming back a little early than usual. Surprise both parties by with unexpected visits.

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    Talk to other parents who have hired this babysitter in the past. Try to identity if there may have been similar complain by those kids.

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