How to Deal With a Foreclosure

The word foreclosure may have been a daunting one a decade ago, but it has taken center stage in the current age, due to the financial hardships faced by most individuals. While dealing with a foreclosure is certainly undesirable; ultimately you will have to face reality as the problem won’t go away on its own.


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    Firstly contact your lender. You would have already done that but now is the time to give him or her necessary assurance that you will indeed make the monthly payments. While paying out every dime at the last moment may not be an option, consider adjusting your mortgage loan agreement.

    This can be in the form of paying interest payments only for a certain period of time until you sort out your finances. Moreover, you can use the forbearance option, which is a type of special agreement between you and the lender, where you are willing to pay extra amount within a certain time frame. In all probability, act quickly in order to change the lender’s mind and stop the foreclosure.

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    Get additional help. This can come in various forms. Either you can take out a personal loan and pay pending amounts, or use the equity portion to finance the remaining portion. However, this can only be exercised if you have a good enough credit score. At this moment, it may be a good option to shift your focus and get proper counseling, something which your bank and lender are unable to give you. There are various non-profit housing counselors and those regulated by the state under the Department of Housing and Community Development.

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    As foreclosures take time, you can use that period to save some money, or ask for help from your wealthier friends or family members. Organize yourself by reviewing your own credit history and it may be possible that you find a way to stop it.

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    If you haven’t figured out a way yet, selling the house may be a possible option. This way you will sell your home on your own terms, and from the proceeds, buy or rent one which is affordable. This way you will be able to protect your credit ratings. A short sale option can also be exercised.

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