How to Deal With Fake Friends

Almost every person, at some point in life, feels that some people he/she loves are not trustworthy or in other words are completely fake. It usually happens when a prolonged friendship ends up miserably or someone, whom you trusted blindly, ditches or deceives you. In order to avoid any sort of emotional pain, you need to deal with fake friends in a way they deserve. You however first need to understand who they actually are. Never be judgemental in this regard and give at least two chances to any person. Once you are sure that the bond you two is fake, only then press the trigger. Keep reading to know how to deal with fake friends.


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    First of all, you should make commitment to yourself that this friendship is not real and it is better for you to avoid expecting anything from the relation.

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    If you have no other choice but to live with fake friends arounds, then try to make your presence felt in a way that renders you valuable for them. Try to behave in a proactive manner so that you could influence their way of thinking. It will create a strong impact on their minds and they will start acting in a better way.

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    You need to motivate yourself all the time to deal with different kind of circumstances. Always keep reminding yourself that your fake friends, instead of supporting you in hard times, will create more problems for you.

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    Usually fake friends do not stand by you in hardships and you need to make them realise that it does not matter whether they support you or not. Behave in a way that shows your strong character.

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    You should always help your fake friends whenever they require it because it might help in creating real love and care in their hearts. 

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    Be prepared to accept disapprovals from your fake friends. Do not provide them with any chance of making you sad. Always take initiative so that they have to follow you. It will help you in keeping an upper hand.

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    If you are not sure whether your friend is fair with you or is a fake one, then be patient and spend a month or two with him/her. Things will automatically become clearer.

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