How to Deal With Loud Tenants

There can be hardly anything as annoying as getting to the end of what had turned out to be an extremely hectic day, tired and exhausted and desperately in need of sleep, only to find yourself kept awake by all the noise that your neighbours are making. The situation can be a bit complicated, since you do not really know how they would react to you asking them to cut the noise down. However, you can only tolerate the noise for a certain time, after which you will reach the tipping point. Since you are bound to complaint to your tenants about the noise they are making eventually, it is best to access the situation and plan your actions accordingly.


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    The first thing that you need to do in order to deal with loud tenants is to assess the situation before you do anything. You need to gather your thoughts and access what the noise is and just bad it really is. You also need to ask yourself if the noise problem is a daily occurrence, or if you just experience the problem on weekends. Ask yourself how and to what extent you are being affected by the noise. Is it preventing you from getting sleep? Is it ruining your experience while you are watching television? Are you sick and need peace and quiet, which you are unable to get because of all the noise your tenants are making?

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    Think of possible solutions to the problem, ones that you feel have the highest probability of being acceptable to your tenants. One of the most effective solutions in such cases is to go talk to them face-to-face.

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    Go talk to your tenants and politely tell them how all the noise that they are making is affecting you. Remember to be courteous. There is a chance that they may not even be aware of being so loud. Asking them nicely why they are being so loud and suggest some alternative that might help to bring the noise down.

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    Take notes in case the conversation did not go down too well and further action is required. You want to record the details of the conversation so that you can easily recall them later when you are going for a different approach to resolve the problem.

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    Using the facts and other details from the conversation that you had with the tenants, write them a letter and this time communicate your complaint firmly. Send one copy of the letter to the tenants, while keeping one copy for your own record.

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    Get a mediator involved in the situation, someone who can help you and your tenants reach a win-win agreement.

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    If nothing works, get the local authorities involved and file a complaint with them. Let them put a stop that all the noise that your tenants are making.

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