How to Deal With Poor Performance

No one accepts a poor performer. The world is filled with people making their way on the top of the ladder at the expense of any sort of moral values. Everything is based on results and performances. The better show you put up, the more you will benefit, be it in a school, office or a business. It’s a dog eat dog world and there is never anything for those who cannot cope up with the pace of life.

There could be numerous situations that could result in poor performance and dealing with it requires a lot of patience and courage.


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    First step you need to take is to identify the problem(s) that have been the main source of your poor performance. This is the point you should indentify whether your poor performance is due to the lack of ability, dearth of motivation or because of an unfriendly environment. After you have sorted out the source of the problem, try to work on it. If there is any sort of shortcomings in your abilities, you can always find solutions for them. The more effort you put in to improve your skill level the more chances you will have to excel.

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    Motivation is a key factor in your performance. Try to learn more and even if you don’t like something, do it because you need it. In most cases, this need is money.

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    Seek a support system. This can be your family, friends, or any person who can help you in getting back on the track.

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    Devise a plan that is practical and then stick to it. This way, there   are good chances that you will always get the job done. Make a proper routine. Set your daily targets and meet them by putting in the required effort.

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