How to Decorate a Bulletin Board for School

Decorating a bulletin board for school may seem an easy task but when you start working on it, it requires time and attention. You have to buy the appropriate glaze papers and stationary and have to regularly check if it is hanging on its position.

In addition to this, changing it after week or a month also requires lot of work. Also, featuring students work on the bulletin board also requires time and skill.

Things Required:

– Paper
– Glue
– Markers
– Staples, tacks or tapes
– Decorating materials


  • 1

    Determine the size of the bulletin board

    First of all you need to measure the size of the bulletin board. You should have a rough idea about the size. By this you will know how big designs, drawings and other stuff you will cut out and paste.

  • 2

    Gather the stationary

    Next you need to gather the stationary and different types of papers to place on the bulletin boards. You need markers, scissors, blades, paper such as glaze paper, staples and glue.

  • 3

    Encourage student participation

    You should encourage student participation by giving them grades and marks for decorating the bulletin boards. Take ideas from them and tell them theme. Assign each student a part of the work you are going to put on the board.

    You can also tell students to bring their photos or bring their artwork or any creative work.

  • 4

    Place information for upcoming events in the school

    You can pin up information for any upcoming events like sports day or ball. However, you should use bright colours and should be creative. For sports day, you can place soccer ball, tennis racquets, bats etc on the bulletin board and write the day in the middle.

  • 5

    Seasonal themed bulletin boards

    You can make bulletin boards with season and festival themes. If Christmas or Eid is coming then you can manage your board by putting presents or trees on the board. Similarly, if Halloween is near then you can make a pumpkin and gave a dark theme.

  • 6

    Student of the month

    Every month you can place a photo of the child who has performed well in the month. Similarly, you can place photos of the student who won king of the prom and queen of the prom.

  • 7

    Heroes and villains theme

    Children usually like heroes and villains. You can use this interest in portraying heroes and villains of the Bible etc. Student will be attracted to this and gain knowledge.

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