How to Decorate a Gender-Neutral Nursery

If you are expecting a baby in a few weeks time, then you should seriously consider decorating and designing the room for your expected new arrival. Many expecting parents design and decorate the room according to the gender of their baby. However, this is not an option for parents who have decided that they do not want to know the gender until their baby arrives. Here, decorating the baby’s room can be a little tricky, as no wants to have a girl’s room if they end up having a baby boy, and vice versa. Therefore, decorating a gender neutral nursery is the best option in this case, and there are several ways in which this can be done.


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    Before moving on to anything else, you should choose a colour palette to begin with. You can base the colour on an interesting pattern or fabric. Look for inspiration in the smallest places; you will be surprised to find how well it works when decorating a room. Make sure that the colours you choose are not gender specific. Pinks and violets, as well as purples, are often used for baby girls, while soft blues are used for baby boys. Colours for baby boys are actually safer, as they can work well for girls too when mixed with the right colour combinations. Soft yellow, white, and green are the best colours for a gender neutral room ; they can be used for either sex, and give a sunny feel to any nursery. You can also choose red or brown to add a little sophistication to the nursery - however, only use this colour on a single wall, simply to add interest to the room (a nursery painted wholly in flaming red will be inappropriate).

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    Baby toys can also be incorporated into the design of your nursery. However, make sure that you don’t use any gender specific toys. Trucks and airplanes are usually considered toys for boys, while dolls are for baby girls. Unisex toy options would be birds and ducks, as well as a delicate music box - all these will add just the right touch to the room.

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    Choose a crib that works well for girls and boys. White is a great colour for a crib. Even for boys, lace can be a great accent. However, don’t go overboard. Make sure that you choose fabrics that do not stain easily. You want to be able to clean them easily when they get dirty. Make sure that they are also comfortable and hypo-allergenic, so your baby doesn’t get irritated.

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