How to Deduct Home Mortgage Loan Interest

A deduction on the home mortgage loan interest from ones income can be accomplished with a reduction in taxes. There are companies that provide loans with a specific rate of interest, where as some agencies vary their interest rates and one cannot deduce the actual amount of the money that has to be returned. Home mortgage loan interest can be reduced, you just need to know where to look at and how to approach the matter.


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    Make sure that you add up every expense and itemize it as deductions for the total to be greater than your standard deduction. There can be many itemized deductions, such as, state taxes, mortgage interests, home equity, loan interest, property taxes and for some cases charitable contributions. For the joint married filing the standard deduction is $7,200, the head of the household has a standard deduction of $6,350, single individuals have $4,300 and if the married filing is separate then the standard deduction is $3,600. Hence, check now if the total itemized deductions are short of your standard deductions.

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    Get hold of a Schedule A form and fill it with itemized deductions. You will see in that form that the third section of the schedule is for interest deductions.

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    On the Schedule A you should mention the name of the bank or the mortgage company to which you have paid the mortgage interest and also write the amount that you have paid during the tax year. The institution that lends you the money will send a form.

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    If there is anyone else that you have paid interest for the mortgage loan, mention their name on Schedule A as well and also the amount of money you paid on course of tax year. You will not receive the Form 1098 from individuals who make mortgage loans.

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    The name of the lending institution should me mentioned on the Schedule A, you also have to pen down the exact amount that you paid in tax years to acquire the loan, only the loan money taken for your main home should be registered. if you have taken loans for your second home or have taken refinanced loans then in that case you points will be deducted over the time span.

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    In case your mortgage loan has been sold by one financial organization to another, then you are likely to receive a notification of this record. If you do not receive such a notification then the institutions are not performing their jobs properly and legal action can be taken against them. On receiving the notification you should bear this in mind that this will be the only proof you will have for the confirmation of the transaction, therefore you should include the amount on Schedule A.

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