How to Demystify Technical Writing for an Average User

Writing is a boring task for many, but it becomes even more boring when the readers have to read technical writing. Reading technical writing may be a routine for people associated with the subject the writing (an article, information, etc.) is about, but the general readers feel appalled at too-hard-to-understand jargons and complex structure.

People who write technical writing are often asked to tone down their words a bit to make the general readers feel comfortable, and this strategy often works as simple writing attracts larger audience than technical one. Although technical writing is important for many, using less jargons and more common words has always worked as it increases the readership and gets across the message more clearly.


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    Get to know your audience

    Analyzing your audience and readers is the most important thing. You have to make sure that the readers are comfortable reading the material you have written for them. In order to understand how the audience responds or reacts to your writing, have the material read by people you know. This will help you understand how the audience reacts. If the language is too hard to comprehend, tone it down to make it less scary. If you are working in a particular industry, try to analyze the general aptitude of your audience, age group, nationality, mood, interest, etc.

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    Use simple structure

    Do not write complex structure when you are writing on a technical subject. Complex structure kills your readership as nobody likes to read things that go straight over their head. Use simple language structure to make the material easy to understand.

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    Do not use too many jargons

    Jargons are necessary when you are writing on a technical subject, but using too many of them in your piece/writing material often turns off readers. The situation gets even more troubling when your audience consists of people from different fields. Jargons make the language harder to understand as general readers spend most of their time understanding the meaning of new words.

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    Avoid long sentences

    Long sentences are bad and hard to understand if the writer is a newbie. In technical writing, long sentences kill the purpose of writing and confuses the readers. So keep it short and precise. Write to the point sentences consisting of 15 to 20 words maximum.

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    Use correct grammar

    Use correct grammar and avoid typos. Proofread the material after you have written it as you may find flaws and mistakes that might have escaped your notice while writing.

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