How to Design a Garden You Love

People who love gardening know the worth of a well designed garden that enhances the beauty of your house and also give it a fascinating and natural touch. Many people spend huge amount of money to design their garden in a desired manner. However, designing a garden is not that easy as it requires creativity that enables you to place plants, vegetables and edible herbs in a way that catches the eye in the first look. If you have passion for designing your garden in a superb way, then you can take guidance from this article.


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    First of all, you should draw a plan by taking measurements of your yard where you want to design your garden. While taking measurements, do not forget to include softscape and hardscape areas.

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    The softscape area is comprised on grass area, trees and garden, while the hardscape area includes the pathways or patios.

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    Irrigation system is one of the most essential elements to design a garden in a perfect manner. You should fix sprinklers with a sufficient distance so that you could supply water to every plant and herb of your garden.

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    You should buy landscaping magazines which will help you in getting a better idea in designing a perfect garden. The most important magazines that contain a huge number of landscaping designs are Better Homes & Gardens, Architecture Digest and Dwell.

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    You need to decide how much part you want to use of your yard for designing a garden. If you want your kids play in the garden then try to place plants, herbs or vegetables on the side boundaries and keep as much area as possible from the middle of the garden.

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    You should also keep in view that your garden should be environment friendly. You can add rain garden, recycling bin area and compost pile.

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    Try your best to cut down the use of pesticides which will help you in keeping the environment healthy and will avoid creating pollution.

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    You need to visit the florist in a nearby area of your location for getting the best plants of flowers. Flowers play a vital role in making a garden fascinating. Also add vegetables and edible herbs in your garden.

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    Mark the places where you want to grow your flowering plants. Flowers of different types and of different colours add a captivating beauty to the overall look of the garden.

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